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Terms & Conditions

1-Order processing and delivery details

  • All orders are processed once payment has been received and confirmed.
  • Standard products take from 1 to 2 business days to produce. This time should be added to the delivery method chosen.
  • Unless otherwise specified in each product details page, production days are from Monday to Friday.
  • Depending on specific requirements, product quantities and/or inventory availability, some orders might take more time to produce, in which case you will be notified in advance.

2-Product Returns and spelling errors

  • Products should be returned to the same pick up place, once you get your RMA# (Return Merchandice Authorization #)
  • Returns will be accepted for:
  • Defective products: Printing stains, wrinkled materials, smeared colors and the like
  • Damaged products: Broken or bumped packages. (This has to be notified at pick-up time)
  • Incorrect order processing
  • All return claims should be received within the next 72 hours of order delivery

Every client is responsible for typing names and phrases correctly. In case our production manager is aware of some spelling or typographic error, he/she may ask you to confirm it, at his/her own discretion.

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